A Fabric Born of Two Fibersheds

Acadian Brown Cotton

Unlike ~98% of the fabric used in the US today, this one has never left the country.The warp is a handspun 70/30 cotton/hemp blend grown in North Carolina the One Acre Exchange and the weft is Acadian Brown Cotton grown in Acadiana and mill-spun in Florida.The use of these fibers support the growth of regional textile industries dedicated to fighting back against fast fashion, chemical agriculture, and all of the waste, pollution, and human rights violations they cause.

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Every day, I make a conscious effort to notice and appreciate all of the people and things that make my life worth it. In doing this, I've changed the way I perceive the world and myself. Now, there's no room to dwell on my perceived inadequacies. I'm consumed with gratitude.

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Intro to Split-Shed Weaving

Split-Shed Technique Weaving

Earlier this year, as I was scouring Instagram for weaving inspiration, I stumbled upon the unbelievable work of Deborah Silver.

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A Visit to a Crayon Factory

Industrial Design

If there's a child in your life that you'd really like to see become a designer, you might want to show them this episode of Mister Roger's Neighborhood. It worked for me.

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