Intro to Split-Shed Weaving

Split-Shed Technique Weaving

Earlier this year, as I was scouring Instagram for weaving inspiration, I stumbled upon the unbelievable work of Deborah Silver.

Extremely luckily for me, I discovered that she was going to be teaching the technique of Split-Shed Weaving at the Contemporary Handweavers of Texas Conference in San Antonio and I couldn't resist.

I signed up for two of her workshops and at the beginning of this month I attended the conference. It was a blast. Being a brand new weaver and the person that I am, I was incredibly nervous to be there, but everyone was so kind and welcoming that I eventually felt at home. I'm so looking forward to Art Camp next March.

Below are the samples that I wove while in Deborah's workshops:



My eyes are fully open to all of the possibilities of Split-Shed Weaving. I can't wait to practice some more!


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