A Visit to a Crayon Factory

Industrial Design

This weekend, my friend Dallis and I reminisced about our time in the Industrial Design program at UL. We expressed how thankful we are to be able to look at an object and (with varying degrees of accuracy) tell how it was put together. As the conversation moved deeper into the past, we inevitably began to discuss How It's Made, the Science Channel TV show that inspired just about everyone in our class to become an Industrial Designer. I had the full intention to write my first blog post about How It's Made. Why not start at the beginning, right? 

As I sat down to write, it dawned on me that How It's Made was not my first exposure to industrial product manufacturing-- It was Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. I was probably 3 years old when I watched the manufacture of crayons as Mister Rogers explained everything step-by-step.

The Georgia Public Broadcasting website says "Produced in 1979, this factory tour seems to be everybody's favorite. The "How People Make Things" factory tours are an important way to help children appreciate industriousness, technology and process."

As an Industrial Designer who chooses to spin yarn and weave fabric by hand, I have to say-- they did a pretty good job.

If there's a child in your life that you'd really like to see become a designer, you might want to show them this episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. It worked for me.

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